About Us

Moscow Law Bureau “Lisitsyn & Partners” is an association of experienced lawyers and legal advisers providing highly professional legal assistance to citizens and various entities.

Our lawyers have been practicing for many years and have experience in resolving disputes in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the European Court of Human Rights and international arbitration. With us you get reliable relief of your legal interests!

Experienced lawyers

Our Bureau’s specialists legal experience is over 20 years.

Work for results

We achieve our goals to protect your interests.

Activities are insured

Legal practice is insured.

Key lawyers and partners of the bureau

Vadim Lisitsyn
Lawyer, Managing Partner

Has been conducting legal practice since 1994, advocacy experience since 2002. He has tremendous experience of protecting legal interests in many categories of criminal, civil and administrative cases. Top management of commercial organizations, law enforcement officers and military personnel prevail among the principals. Vadim Lisitsyn is involved in legal follow-up of international contracts, provision of legal assistance to foreign companies. Has significant experience in debt collection and enforcement proceedings. Provides comprehensive legal support for companies.

Victoria Shevtsova
Lawyer, Head of the Business Advocacy

Represents clients in criminal cases related to economic field activities. He has extensive experience in handling cases of crimes against the interests of the state services and state structures. Represents the interests of principals in property and family disputes, in cases of protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, in cases of challenging regulatory legal acts, decisions, actions (inaction) of public authorities.

Stanislav Ostrovsky

Practicing lawyer. He is focusing on the following categories of disputes: arbitration disputes, administrative law, disputes related to challenging decisions of public authorities, disputes related to the execution of construction contracts, as well as family law disputes, property division disputes, children protection law, bankruptcy cases. He has got significant experience in judicial practice, knows how to competently build up a dialogue and a legal position on the case.

Yuri Khovrachev

Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University. named after M.V. Lomonosov. He worked in the Central Office of the 4th Directorate of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in the direction of the USSR Ministry of Defense. He worked as an investigator for the investigation of organized criminal activity in the economic sphere of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow. Received status and worked as a Federal judge. Later he worked at MB of Sberbank of Russia. Provided legal support for the election campaign of the Governor of the Moscow Region. Advocacy license since 1999. Has the title of Honorary Advocate of the Moscow Region Bar Association.

Elisey Pyatin
Lawyer, Head of the Civil Cases Practice

Graduated from the Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. named after V. Ya. Kikotya and the Russian Academy of Advocacy and Notaries. Has been practicing legal services since 2010. Expert in the field of criminal and criminal procedure law. Provides legal assistance in criminal cases at all stages of the criminal process: during the preliminary investigation, in courts of all instances, including trials with the participation of jurors. Also provides legal relief in the European Court of Human Rights . He has significant practical experience and judicial practice.

Ekaterina Danilchenko
Lawyer, Head of Arbitration Law practice

He has extensive experience in investigating economic cases, gained while working in investigative bodies. Awarded with a badge “The best investigator of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow”. Currently, a leading lawyer in civil law, specializes in conducting civil cases in the field of entrepreneurship, subordinate to arbitration courts, as well as in labor, family, housing, administrative disputes.

Yuri Konoplev
Lawyer, Head of Criminal Law practice

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in 1995. From 1995 to 2008, he worked as a senior investigator for particularly important cases in the Investigative Committee of the Moscow Region and in the Vidnovsk City Prosecutor’s Office. Protects the interests of individuals and legal entities in courts of general jurisdiction, specializes in protecting the rights and interests of persons involved in criminal cases. Provides legal assistance in housing, family and labor relations.

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