Resolution of administrative disputes with government bodies

Resolution of administrative disputes with government bodies

Vadim Lisitsyn
Vadim Lisitsyn
Lawyer, Managing Partner

Government bodies issued a fine and unfair orders?

Doing business is inevitably linked to interaction with government bodies and regulatory authorities. During the audit, you may be given a fine or an administrative order to stop your business. Such actions can have negative consequences for your company in the form of material and financial losses. To avoid such risks, it is important to get professional assistance of administrative lawyers in time.

For over 20 years “Lisitsyn & Partners” lawyers have been defending business in administrative disputes with government bodies with plenty of successful cases in our portfolio.

What administrative disputes do we cope with?

Legal protection during inspections.
Challenging the results of state bodies inspections.
Appealing against fines.
Appealing administrative orders and other orders.
Bringing government officials to justice for illegal actions.

How will our attorneys resolve your administrative dispute?

1. We accept your application
We contact you, analyze your case and provided documents, and then draw up a plan to resolve your case.
2. We resolve the dispute in the pre-trial and judicial order
We send claims, objections to the act to higher authorities, if this does not bring expected by the client result, we file a claim to the court and represent your interests throughout the entire trial.
3. We appeal against the court decision
We will fight to the end and, if necessary, we will appeal the decision made by the court to a higher instance.

3 reasons to work with Lisitsyn & Partners Law Firm

Experienced professionals
The bureau employs practicing lawyers with over 20 years of experience.
Practice insurance
The bureau's activities are insured.
Work for results
We use the maximum of opportunities and legal instruments to resolve the case in your favor.

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