Debt collection under a loan agreement and receipt
We will collect your debt with payment for the result.

Debt collection under a loan agreement and receipt

Vadim Lisitsyn
Vadim Lisitsyn
Lawyer, Managing Partner

Does the debtor feed you empty promises? Do you want to get your money back?

Situations when a large amount of money is borrowed against a receipt or a loan agreement occur very often. And if in words the debtor promises you to return everything on time, in fact, when it comes time to pay the bills, you cannot get a legal payment. In this case, one should not indulge in insults, threats and other near-criminal actions. The most correct step is to bring the debtor to legal responsibility. Experienced lawyers will be able to assist you in this matter.

Experienced lawyers and legal advisers with over 20 years legal experience work at the Lisitsyn & Partners Law Firm. We will assist you to resolve your legal issues.

What issues do we assist?

Debt collection under a loan agreement.
Debt collection by receipt.
Representation of interests in pre-trial and judicial procedure in debt collection cases.

How will lawyers protect your legal rights?

1. Let's study the situation
We will conduct a consultation and assess the prospects for debt collection.
2. We will send a claim and go to court
We will draw up a claim for the return of funds, in case of refusal to comply with these requirements, we will apply to court, file a statement of claim and represent your interests in the courts of the first, appeal and cassation instances.
3. We will achieve the execution of the court decision
We will make sure that the court's decision is executed, and you receive the debt owed to you.

Why is it worth to protect your legal rights with Lisitsyn & Partners lawyers?

Experienced professionals
Our lawyers and legal advisers have significant experience and publications in various media.
Focus on results
We work with payment for the result achieved, therefore we are maximally interested in the successful resolution of your case.
We serve you without your personal involvement
You only need to provide relevant documents, and we take over the entire process of resolving the situation and conduct the case without your participation.

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