Legal assistance on government bodies audits

Legal assistance on government bodies audits

Vadim Lisitsyn
Vadim Lisitsyn
Lawyer, Managing Partner

Have state bodies auditors unexpectedly check your business?

Not a single company, actively conducting economic activities, is not secured against any time state bodies inspections. Always such situations paralyze business normal operation and are being stressful for both company’s management and employees. If you do not want to receive a fine and other unpleasant consequences of such a check, enlist legal assistance of experienced lawyers.

For more than 20 years the Lisitsyn & Partners Law Bureau has been providing business legal assistance during state authorities inspections. We know how to proceed to get your company auditing is being carried out with minimal risks.

What checks will we help you with?

Tax checks.
Fire safety authorities checks.
Rospotrebnadzor, Sanitary and Epidemiological authorities audits.
Prosecutor's checks.
Police checks

How will lawyers protect you during government bodies checks?

1. We receive your application
After that, we will contact you, study your request and develop a verification strategy for your company. If you urgently need our assistance and the check has already being performed, we will promptly visit your premises to assist you in state bodies check.
2. We accompany during the check
Our lawyers will assist you during the inspection, communicate with government officials, and record violations.
3. We appeal the results of the check
Our lawyers will file an objection to the act drawn up based on the audit results, appeal the audit results in a pre-trial and judicial order, protecting your interests from any unlawful decisions of state bodies.

Why do clients trust Lisitsyn & Partners Law Firm?

Experienced professionals
The bureau employs professional lawyers with over 20 years legal experience.
Business interest focus
While protecting, we focus on the goals of your company, so that your business is not negatively affected by the audit.
Activities are insured
Professional liability is insured.

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