Lawyer assistance in tax disputes

Lawyer assistance in tax disputes

Vadim Lisitsyn
Vadim Lisitsyn
Lawyer, Managing Partner

Got a claim from the tax service?

Any actively conducting business company pays taxes and constantly interacts with tax service. In some cases, this leads to tax disputes, since the actions of tax officials often violate the company’s rights. Our experienced tax lawyer will protect your business and your personal interests.

For more than 20 years, the Lisitsyn & Partners Law Bureau has been assisting businesses to defend their interests in tax disputes.

What tax issues will we help you with?

Protection during tax service audits.
Challenging decisions of tax authorities.
Preparation of objections to a tax audit act.
Relief in the event of a criminal case initiation.

How will our lawyers protect you in case of tax disputes?

1. We receive an application from you
We analyze your situation, documents and develop a dispute resolution strategy.
2. We resolve the dispute in the pre-trial and judicial order
We comprehensively resolve your dispute in all possible ways: we send complaints, claims, objections, go to court and protect your interests in litigation.
3. We will achieve the execution of the court decision
We will ensure the court's decision is executed in full.

Why are we trusted to resolve tax disputes?

Experienced lawyers
The bureau's specialists have been practicing for over 20 years.
Activities are insured
Legal practice is insured.
Representation of interests in criminal cases
Unlike legal advisers, our professional lawyers will defend you in the event of tax crimes criminal cases.

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